About Ession

Steve and Joanna first met after Joanna auditioned as lead singer for Steve’s rock cover band Grounds For Dismissal. She got the job and soon after Steve discovered that Joanna wrote her own songs, as did he.

A strong songwriting partnership formed and they began to pen original tunes for Grounds For Dismissal to record and perform. Together they released two albums, Joanna released a solo album and several songs were published.

Fast forward twelve years and Joanna began to feel confined with the songs she wanted to write. Unlike Steve with his punk and rock background, Joanna is a keyboardist and craved for more soaring synth pads and longed to write pop. Steve and Joanna already knew they shared a love of pretty melodies and heavy harmonies but a lush synth track combined with a simple four on the floor beat were not suitable for Grounds For Dismissal’s rock sound.

Joanna made the very hard decision to leave her much loved role as lead singer, and her beloved band members, and decided to give her songwriting a new outlet. She asked Steve to join her in this new endeavor on the understanding it would remain a duo and an electronic sound was key. He said ‘yes’ and Ession was formed.

Since forming Ession, Steve and Joanna’s creativity has flourished. They find it easy to communicate and share their new ideas and they work quickly together. Songwriting is their passion but their families are number one priority. This attitude gives them the freedom to write without pressure. They love to experiment with melodies, themes and styles and Joanna’s vocals binds these tunes together to give the Ession sound.